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Adriel Brunson

Are you interested in better audio for your videos?

I hope so because here's a formula that can improve your video production and help keep you ahead of your competition:

Better Audio = Better Video

When you know how to get good shots but your audio tracks sound like a home movie it's time to upgrade your audio production skills.

If you're like most people you're wondering…

  • How can I get the best sound from the gear I have? 
  • What tricks do the pros use?
  • How can make sure I don't make a fatal mistake?
  • When do I need to get help and how do I know who to get?
  • How do I make the most of my tracks in post production?
  • How do I make good audio tracks all the time?

Here's a secret…

Improving the audio track is the cheapest way to increase the production value of your project.

The good news is that anyone can learn the basics of good audio production. Good audio tracks don't need to cost a lot. But ignore the basics and you will pay the price. It costs a lot to "fix it in post" and you're still likely to have an audio track that keeps your video from being the best it can be.

It's time to make better video and
it starts with better audio.

With the help you'll find here on GoodAudioTracks.com, you'll be able to go from zero to functional.

Here's what that means:

  • You will have a workable production plan for audio
  • You will eliminate fatal mistakes in sound recording
  • You will make the most of the sound you do get

The result will be good audio tracks. Your tracks may not win awards but do enough of them and you may create a great audio track. If nothing else, your audio tracks won't get in the way of your project's success.

Why listen to me?

Adriel  BrunsonMy name is Adriel Brunson and I've been a producer for over 30 years. Beginning in audio production, I've produced hundreds of programs in video, film, multimedia, and interactive media. My international client list includes international companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Sun MicroSystems, Microsoft, General Electric as well as numerous national and regional companies.

I have a lifelong passion for technology and know how–and when–to apply new media solutions to proven marketing strategies. With many years of working with like-minded professionals, I've learned the win-win benefit of mentoring and welcome any opportunity to help others advance their production careers.