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It’s Like Bokeh for Audio

Capturing sound elements

I just read a great article from  on the Shure blog called Recording Sound Elements for Video. Only, it's really about using sound elements to create a layered audio track – like shooting video with a narrow depth of field to create texture and focus. 

Most everyone shooting video on a DSLR likes bokeh – the strange name for the way backgrounds go soft and out-of-focus with some lenses and camera settings. While not every video should be shot with lots of bokeh, it turns out that all good audio tracks benefit from having a clear focus surrounded by softer layers of sound. And this article tells you exactly how to do that.

It's a longer article but well worth the time. When you learn how to capture and use sound elements to kick your production value up you'll make your projects sound like a professional production rather than a home movie. 

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