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My goal with this web site is to give you the tools, tips and tricks you need to improve your audio track production. Whether you produce online video, audio podcasts, or video podcasts improving your audio is the best – and most cost effective – way to improve your production value.

The best place to start is with The Easy Guide to Good Audio Tracks. 

This brief guide gives you my best tips and makes it easy for you to improve your audio tracks.

Start at the front and read all the way through or pick a chapter that solves a problem you have right now.

Either way you'll find information and guidance on how to take your audio production skills from zero to functional.

Explore these topics:

  • Discover how to choose the right microphone and put it in the right place. Get this right and you're already ahead of the game.
  • You can focus your audio just like you focus your shot. And when you do your audio tracks will be immediately better.
  • There's a simple way to set recording levels correctly so you're getting the best possible quality recordings.
  • You'll see why it's important to monitor the audio all the time and why this pays off when you get to post production.
  • Add these two simple tricks to your production skills and your audio tracks will start to sound like a pro put them together.
  • Make a plan and follow it. Good advice and this chapter will show you the most important questions to ask to make sure your plan works great.
  • Be kind to your tomorrow-self and learn how to improve your audio workflow for the entire production process.

​There's no cost and no email required.

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If you have audio production questions, go to Questions. Fill out the form and I'll go my best to find answers.

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