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Zoom H6 – Does this work for you?

Just came across a couple of new videos from Zoom for their new H6 – the portable six-track recorder with interchangeable modules.

The first one has good information about the product features. From the looks of it, Zoom has address several real-world issues – having a physical knob to turn for setting level is so much better than pushing buttons and watching a level indicator move up and down.

This one doesn't have a much info but it's kind of fun!

I know this may seem like too much recorder for some people. But if you're looking to move up from a Zoom H1 or H2 this could make a lot more sense than a Zoom H4. If you just use the extra tracks a few times you'll be happy you have discreet tracks when you get to post.

I see several places on the web have it priced at $399 USD. They're taking pre-orders for delivery expected by July 31, 2013.

So, what do you think – is this overkill or could you use some of these features?

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